Workshop Series

The society organizes every second year a workshop. 

                              The next workshop will be held at TU Dresden

We try to arrange it as attractive as possible as well as as cheap as possible. Members of the society pay a reduced fee and may apply for financial support for their Ph.D. students. Please contact us.

                    Plenary speakers of our workshops

                    List of past workshops organized by us


Some selected past and upcoming conferences and workshops


May:              7th International Workshop on Simulation (Rimini)

June:             German-Polish Joint Conference on Probability and Statistics 2013 (Torun)

July:               International Workshop on Sequential Methodologies (Athens, USA)

August:          XIth International Workshop on Intelligent Statistical Quality Control 2013 (Sidney)

September:   Statistische Woche 2013 (Berlin)

Dezember:    RWTH Mini Workshop on Stochastics in Photovoltaics


March:             German Probability and Statistics Days (Ulm, Germany)

June:               ISNPSTAT (Cadiz, Spain)

September:     Statistische Woche 16. - 19.09.14 (Hannover, Germany)

                        DMV-PTM Joint Meeting 17. - 20. 09.14 (Poznan, Poland)

                        ENBIS - Tagung 21. - 25.09.14 (Linz, Austria)


February:       12th Workshop on Stochastic Models, Statistics and Their Applications
                      (Wroclaw, Poland)

June:             5th International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies 2015 (New York, USA)

September:   ENBIS-15   06. - 10.09. 2015 (Prague, Czech Republic)

                      Statistische Woche 2015  15. - 18.09. 2015 (Hamburg, Germany)

                      Eighth International Workshop on Simulation 21. - 25.09. 2015 (Vienna, Austria)


March:           German Probability and Statistic Days 01.-04.03.2016, Bochum

June:             ISBIS 2016 - Data Mining Time Series and Applications 08.-10.06.2016, Barcelona

September:   Statistische Woche 2016, 13.-16.09.2016, Augsburg

                      ENBIS - 2016, 11.-15.09.2016, Sheffield

December:    CM Statistics, 09.-11.12.2016, Sevilla



February:      13th Workshop on Stochastic Models, Statistics and Their Applications,
                      20.-24.02.2017, Berlin

June:             IWSM 6th International Workshop on Sequential Methodologies,
                      20.-23-06-2017, Rouen2016



Februar           German Probability and Statistics Days, 27.2-2.3.2019, Freiburg

September      Statistische Woche 2018, 11.-14.09.2017, Linz
                        ENBIS - 2018, 2.-6.09.2019


März                14th Workshop on Stochastic Models, Statistics and Their Applications,
                         6.-8.03.2019, Dresden

Juni                  Quality and Productivity Research Conference QPRC 2019, 10.-13.06., Washington.

September       ENBIS - 2019, 2.-4.09.2019, Budapest

                         Statistische Woche 2019, 10.-13.09, Trier


Past workshops organized by us

2019 Dresden
2017 Berlin
2015 Wroclaw
2013 Hamburg (Abstracts)
2011 Wismar
2009 Aachen mit Spring School (Proceedings)
2007 Wroclaw
2005 Würzburg
2003 Blaubeuren (Abstracts)
2001 Höfchen (Mittweida)                                      
1999 Weißig (Sächsische Schweiz)


Plenary speakers of our workshops


SMSA 2019 Dresden

Plenary Lecture I: Stairways to Hell

Winfried Stute (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)


Plenary Lecture II: Asymmetric distributions and quantile estimation

Irène Giebels (KU Leuven)


Plenary Lecture III: Fractional processes: New limit theorems and statistical inference (download slides)

Mark Podolskij (Aarhus University)


Plenary Lecture IV: From Industrial Projectsto Research Topics (download slides)

Alessandro di Buchhianico (Eindhoven University of Technology)


SMSA 2017 Berlin

Plenary Lecture I: Aspects on the Law of Large Numbers (download slides)

Allan Gut

Allan Gut (Uppsala University, Sweden)


Plenary Lecture II: Statistical Methodology for Comparing Curves

Holger Dette

Holger Dette (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)


Plenary Lecture III: Empirical Regression Quantile Process in Analysis of Risk

Jana Jureckova

Jana Jurecková (Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic)


SMSA 2015 Wroclaw

Plenary Lecture I: Some recent results in change-point analysis

Marie Hušková (Charles University of Prage, Czech Republic)


Plenary Lecture II: Visualizing association structure in bivariate copulas using new dependence function

by Teresa Ledwina (Wroclaw University of Technology and Science)


Plenary Lecture III: Large deviations of chi-squarred divergence errors on partitions

Lazlo Györfi

Györfi László (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)